502, 2016

Being Authentic vs. Caring for Other People…

1801, 2016

Oceanic Waves of Pleasure (and How to Access ‘No Upper Limits’ Orgasms…)

Come with me on a little journey back to 2008… Imagine spring time. Imagine sunshine. Imagine Greenwich park full of happy people…

I was studying in London, halfway through my BA in contemporary dance, and this particular afternoon – just a regular Wednesday – something happened that would shift my way of experiencing sex and orgasm forever.

I had stopped by my beloved at the time and we had just arrived back to his place with bags full of groceries, when we realized that we were actually more hungry for each other than for food…

We started kissing as we slowly tumbled onto the bed. Already heated by the sunshine we didn’t need much time to warm up…

Our bodies wanted out […]

1101, 2016

You are a f-ing miracle! (Just in case maybe you forgot for a moment…)

Hey sweetness you!

You are a fucking miracle.

I just wanted to remind you in case you forgot or don’t remember right now, that you are beautiful!!

If you’re open for receiving even more praise and adoration… here’s a message from me to you, to the truth, love and magnificence of your being: 

Comments and shares, welcome here below…


P.S. Come and play…

Sensual Yogini Live Weekend – Orgasmic Bliss for Urban Goddesses
– 29-31 January in Amsterdam

Themes of exploration:
√ Energy Breath Orgasm (yep, it’s possible)
√ Sexual Vitality Qigong – subtle and powerful ways to Activate, Sublimate and Circulate Sexual Energy
√ Freeing up your emotional and energetic system so that life can flow through effortlessly
√ Luxurious Massage Experience
√ Awakening to the Awareness that is unbound, free […]

2212, 2015

Discover Total Ease of Being Through Extreme Tiredness

Party animals, passionpreneurs and parents with small kids – this is for you. :)

Do you ever feel exhausted, tired or just a bit ‘meh’?… Then today’s sharing is especially created for you.

I shot this video after a night of intense dancing and very little sleep.

About the beauty, gift and invitation of extreme tiredness, and how to discover complete ease of being through surrendering into the bliss of fatigue…

7 min – watch in HD (and be sure to watch it until the end – it’s the best bit…)

Especially now, around Christmas time, when you might be spending more time with family and might not get as much rest as you’d like… (Ammiright?)

This is the perfect opportunity to rest deeply into […]

3011, 2015

FREE Webinar: 3 Stages of Embodied Awakening

Hey dear you,
I’m hosting a free webinar this Thursday 3 December, from Hawaii:
Love, Freedom & Bliss No Matter the Circumstance
– the 3 Stages of Embodied Awakening
(Bye bye, emotional rollercoaster. Hello, cruising in bliss… ;)

Thursday, December 3

10am Hawaii / 12pm California / 3pm New York / 8pm London / 9pm Stockholm + Amsterdam

After 29 years of emotional ups and downs, feeling owned by the mind and limited by beliefs, and then dropping into a state of bliss and freedom that is constant…

… in this livestream I’ll share with you what I have found to be a map of the 3 Stages of Embodied Awakening, and how we can recognize this freedom, not just as an intellectual concept, but […]

2711, 2015

Access the Full Enlightenment/Empowerment Enchilada – with Bentinho Massaro & Ronja Sebastian

So guys and girls… 

Here it is! ENJOY! (Watch in HD)
And please share this with all your friends xxx

Some gems of wisdom from this conversation:

▷ How to bring together the seemingly conflicting ways of living, of waking up from the dream vs. manifesting your dream life

▷ Where Buddha was mistaken about the cause of suffering, and what the real source of human suffering is…

▷ The most direct gateway to Enlightenment

▷ How to move beyond ups and downs of emotions

▷ What awaits in 2016 – the year of inevitable success and great acceleration (you’re gonna like this)

▷ An invitation to an EPIC event = Bentinho comes to Amsterdam!

☆ For details about the Amsterdam event, go to: http://bentinhomassaro.com/Amsterdam
(See you there!!!!)

As always: […]

2311, 2015

The End of the Spiritual Search…

Here’s a simple message to end the spiritual search forever:
You’re it! The search is over. What you’re looking for is already here…

3:19 min. Watch in HD…

With sunshine, love and ocean breeze…


P.S. I’m opening up a few new spaces for private Awakening & Empowerment Coaching Sessions in the coming week, 23-27 & 30 November, via skype.

The sessions can be about anything that feels important to you… Including, but in no way limited to:

– Dissolving limiting beliefs or negative self image

– Healing sexual trauma

– Easefully moving through a breakup

– Creating nourishing expansive relationships

– Empowered vulnerability & authentic relating

– Accessing inspiration & genius

– Releasing struggle in day-to-day living

– Authentic business and marketing

– Stepping up your game and making more money

– Experiencing […]

1811, 2015

Blissed-out joy, easier than you think…

This is one of those “Blue pill or Red pill?” moments…

Depending on which one we choose, we’ll either experience a life in emotional rollercoaster and victimhood – OR gain access to a joy and bliss that’s unconditional and can’t be touched by circumstance.

And this, lovely you, is not a cop-out.
This is NOT a cleverly designed avoidance strategy to not have to feel.
Not freedom from emotions/states/circumstances, but freedom in, as and through everything.

This is freedom that’s actually free.

Bonus hint: this also happens to be the entrance point into accelerated living, synchronicity, magic and a generally awesome life that keeps on blowing your mind continuously… ;)

Bonus #2: It’s actually easier than you think, and instantly available through this simple shift…

11 […]

1011, 2015

No words, only love.

Hi tribe,

Today I’m writing from Boulder, Colorado.

Basking in the aftermath of an amazing weekend with Bentinho Massaro. Many new insights on many levels.

Too soon to share anything right now, but most likely it will come through in upcoming videos…

For today I just want to share a video inspired by my friend Tiger Singleton aka Tigmonk and the #NoWordsOnlyLoveChallenge.

Quite simply: 5 minutes of eyegazing. This is where we meet beyond the illusion of personal boundaries.

No words. Only Love. From my heart to yours.

Watch in HD and use headphones for best musical eargasm experience…
The last of the sunlight aching its way through my window…
The bird’s song, the warm early fall night…
Stillness settling softly in the bamboo garden…

 Click play:

Comments, insights […]

511, 2015

Realize total freedom no matter the circumstances

If there was one thing I could convey to you in this lifetime,

as a ticket to full on freedom no matter what happens

– then I think that

this is it.

And mmm, you’re gonna like this one… ;)

This is the coming together of being free and happy in the moment…

and joyfully observing the ever expanding unfolding of our life as a result of the joy, groundedness and trust in which we are now living.

I almost exploded with excitement when this really hit home in me. Not to be taken lightly.

And definitely don’t watch unless you’re ready to let go of “victim-hood of what happens to you” once and for all.

19:40 min (and worth it).

Watch in HD:

 And now over to you:

Does this […]

2710, 2015

Open, spacious and free + love from Ibiza

Today we have a double gift for you:

The first video is a greeting from Ibiza Tantra Festival, an update about the changing nature yet remaining love in Toby’s and my relating… (so if you’ve been curious about that, then here’s your answer)…

It’s also an invitation for you to drop into the stillness that’s unaffected by any personal turbulence.

Riding the edge between stillness, emotion and story…
… and arriving at the place which is open, spacious and free no matter what…

The second video is a happy guided tour of our Ibiza paradise villa and a celebration in gratitude. :)

Click play and enjoy…



Greetings from Ibiza paradise… Nature, sunshine… feeling blessed.


And the trust keeps on deepening…

Not the trust in the details,
not the […]

710, 2015

Equally, massively loved no matter what…

Dear spiritual friends,

Existence really doesn’t care if you’re “living your purpose” or not.

And when I say “doesn’t care” I mean: you’re equally massively LOVED no matter what you do!

There’s nothing needed to add to the perfection of life to make this perfection more perfect.

So just ease off the pressure already!

Ok, let’s play…


5:10 min (watch in HD)


Comments, insights… all welcome here below…


610, 2015

Getting clear, seeing through the personality, nowhere to hide…

So a lot of people are sending messages every day asking about how I’m doing, am I alright etc, and this is the current report:

Moving in and out of states of peace, stillness, quiet/intense bliss (kinda like early Bentinho Massaro)…
… identification and concepts come up and are seen and dissolved as bubbles popping themselves…

… and when more emotional fuel arises it’s all added to the pyre of the white-hot fire. Sometimes gentle, sometimes ruthless…

This fire is burning through my system, clearing out layers of contraction in the personality… fixed points of view in the mind are consumed in the flames, and opening, opening the heart to more transparency for this… space.

If this seems confusing then Toby says it […]

110, 2015

Manifesting your dream life – or waking up from the dream?…

We’re rolling again… Manifesting your dream life – or waking up from the dream?…

The hugely missing key in pretty much ALL “manifest your dream” talk.

Sharing love and wanting adventure is natural and beautiful, but to become aware of where we’re coming from in desiring that is where the real gold is.

From a place of lack or from a place of play?…

7 mins. (Watch in HD.)






All my love,

2609, 2015

Update & Insights on life – 7 days after Toby left…

It’s been 7 days. So much is happening I don’t even know where to begin.

Feeling more and more at ease every day. And every now and then it hits me, and I cry and cry and cry.

Barely any story in it anymore. Just an ocean of tears that comes in waves…

and then… peace.


Perspective #1: Toby has left me and it’s so fucking sad what’s happening.

Perspective #2: Toby loved me completely for 1,5 years, gave me such a massively deep imprint of being LOVED…

… and then did exactly what was required to catalyse the process in me, which is now leading me to being FREE no matter what happens in my “external” reality.

Both perspectives are equally valid.

Neither one of […]

1709, 2015

Toby & Ronja Sebastian – a love story…
From love at first kiss, to the conscious completion of our marriage, and opening of love

Thursday 17 September 2015

Dear friends, Toby’s and my marriage has just ended.

We have many close friends around us, and Toby and I are supporting each other.

I will do my best to explain things as clearly as possible, as well as take you along for the journey I/we’ve been through in the last two and a half weeks, since Toby came home and told me that he no longer wants to be together.

Shaking as I write this…


This is also a chronicle of our love story, with highlights and some photos, as you’ll see further down below.

Please read everything before you ask any questions, and most importantly: trust and feel – as we do – that all of this is ultimately […]

1408, 2015

Come SHAKE with us on the dancefloor + quick n dirty update…

Yo boys and girls!

Here’s a quick and dirty update about some fun things coming up, for you if you’re in the Netherlands (or if you have access to a private jet or teleportation device). ;)

Número uno:

Tomorrow night I’ll be leading a Body Shaking workshop as starter for the SHAKE iT & SHiNE clubbing night with DJ Kareem Raïhani, vocalist Lex Empress and VJ Morris Morr.
Location: Club Lite, Amsterdam.

Come and shake it with us!

All info and details at the facebook event:

To watch a Shaking Taster to some heavy duty music, click play:



Número dos:

Next week I’ll be leading Sexual Vitality Qigong and Orgasmic Breath Journey at Lorelei Women’s Festival 18-20 + 21-23 August in the Netherlands. 

500 women. 80 workshops. Check it out here, c’mon and join […]

108, 2015

My Best Inspirational Movies

I have a confession to make.

No, it’s not some weird fetish or strange suspicious habit…

I just absolutely LOVE watching movies.

In my webinar last week I shared a long list of ‘Shifters’ – different ways to shift out of stuckness and into creativity and inspiration. And among many other things (if you want the full list, watch the replay here) was: watching movies.

My favs: rom coms and ‘limitless movies’.

Immediately the women asked if I could share my favorite ‘shifter movies’ with them.

But of course!

And then I thought: Why not share them with everyone?

Plus, I’m always open for new tips. So please share your favorite inspiring movies in the comments below.

Amazing movies are those that sweep me away, transport me to a […]

2007, 2015

Self bashing is useless – 2 easy steps to release resistance and get back into the flow

I often hear from people that it seems like I ‘do so much!’, create so much, and get so much done.
And it’s true, in a way, but not because I’m necessarily the most consistent.
Not because I’m productive every day.
It’s simply because I’ve learned to ride the wave and maximize my genius, no matter if I’m feeling creative, happy and powerful – or sad, vulnerable and in need of rest.
Today, for example, has been a totally ‘off’ day. I feel fuzzy and unclear, I’ve checked some easy things off my to do-list, but the bigger creative projects? Nothing much happening there. As eventful as a rainy summer’s day in the north of Sweden.

Last week I had my first webinar, with 191 women from […]

1307, 2015

8 Yogini Approved Keys To Effortless Productivity (FREE Webinar)

FREE Webinar 25 July 2015:
Claim your spot at: http://app.webinarjam.net/register/16697/3835b36540
Oh girl, how SWEET it is to be an entrepreneur…

Time freedom, location freedom, life completely on your terms…

Or is it?

Do you feel nourished, juicy and uplifted by your business?

Or is it running you dry, like a river in the desert?

If so…

How about we change that? Like, right now, and forever. ;)

C’mon gorgeous, join the virtual girls night…

√ How to activate your internal happiness hormones (like inner MDMA ;)

√ How to get from chaos to clarity and out of your head and into action

√ The crucial key to inspired action, without which no amount of ‘trying’ will get you there

√ Productivity hacks that’ll get you creating more, faster, […]

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